SONICA is a digital automatic director based entirely on a personal computer network (wireless, unlimited servers and clients) with Windows operating systems that can be adapted to any need for emission, post-production, etc. at any time.
It allows you to manage an unlimited number of radio stations simultaneously, utilizing common audio archives linked to independent data archives.
Designed for professional digital audio cards, however, it is compatible with any commercially available sound card.

  • Supports audio formats Mp2, Mp3, AAC o M4A, Wav
  • It manages users and passwords to ensure access and restriction of services in the ways set by your system administrator
  • You can set start, intro, refrain, outro, mix, out, fade, volume, stretch, and pitch pointer for each single audio (music, jingles, spots, headlines, news, etc.) and all data will be saved in a database But also tagged in the same audio files without altering the original file
  • Audio storage according to gender, sex, year and month of publication, mood, input time, output time, recommended programming periods and times, etc. This data can be exploited when creating music strategies
  • Unlimited music strategies by leveraging any filters (mood, input, output, year of publication, music genre, etc.)
  • Internal playlist scheduler; Is virtually a sophisticated and powerful multitrack of all the generated playlists for 24 hours of a given day of the year. Totally editable (mix, intro, volumes, etc.). It is possible to schedule the dedicated playlist scheduler; Ie set self-generation parameters with endless preset types
  • Import playlists even from Selector, PowerGold or other programs
  • Gestione rubriche, playlist manuali, ora esatta programmabile con più soggetti audio con relativa scadenza di messa in onda
  • Address Book Management, Manual Playlists, Exact Time Programmable with Multiple Audio Subjects with Dead Bandwidth Deadline
  • Editing immediate audio with cut, standardization, etc ..
  • Automatic download of newsletters and headlines or voice contributions from the internet and automatic installation with bases and acronyms
  • Multiple news management with the exclusive “NO-T” system, that is, No Tampons! In fact, SONICA automatically packs newsletters of each area so that they all have the same duration with a minimum of help from the operator
  • Automatic Podcast
  • Live VoiceTrack function or using pre-recorded voice contributions (virtual dj) even with instant on-air input
  • Complete advertising management with client, agency and agent records, contracts, accounting, billing and scheduling on unlimited stereo splitting areas
  • Simplified management of ad scheduling with more than one subject to automatic rotation and unlimited coding management
  • LiveSpot Management (Quotations) with setting of any keypad, base loop, pre-recorded optional audio, final key and related document file to be read live; View the documents to be read live directly from the broadcast
  • Detailed reports for customers by fax or e-mail of the release times of the press releases
  • External links from a satellite or analog source (for Agencies Radio Newspapers, Connections with Other Broadcasters or Clubs, etc)
  • Automatic or manual ISDN external connections
  • Print Tabs for the Guarantor
  • Complete message management with the ability to automate your music requests, dedications, information requests using countless filters without the presence of the operator
  • Notification SMS with self-insertion advertising banners
  • Mainly manage software functions via SMS or Internet
  • Launch publicity with the chorus of the music track after the spots
  • Automatic overlay of liners or presentations on music tracks with auto-intro
  • Jingle palettes with loop, and touch play
  • WebCam mosule for internal or remote teleservation
  • Automatic, semi-automatic or manual onair operation with the ability to simulate the use of traditional redirectionable cd players on separate audio outputs (live assist)
  • You can use 2 monitors to expand the displayed area and software functionality on the onair
  • Full image view management while performing audio (artist photo, advertised customer logo, photo of the live speaker, pictures about the news broadcast, etc …

Contact us to have a demo: +39.335.560.5800 –

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  1. Filipe Bessa - 11/16/2017 at 17:28 Reply

    Buon pomeriggio, vengo da una stazione radio in Portogallo. Volevo usare una demo sonica e conoscere il prezzo.

    • exemode - 11/16/2017 at 17:37 Reply

      Grazie per l’interesse.
      Sonica ha un costo che varia tra 1.000 e 5.000 euro.
      Se sei davvero interessato indica la tua mail e ti verrà inviato un link per scaricare una versione demo.
      Cordiali saluti.

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