• Emergency system in case of lack of Internet audio stream
    Remote control by SONICA direct; Transferring files to play (jingle, disks, advertising, news etc …) from SONICA to SINTONET
    Audio processor and equalizer
    Retransmission of what is being played on the internet to always check the correct functioning
    In the event of an emergency, it may also play a CD to avoid having copies on the computer that involve payment of SCF permissions

Sintonet is able to receive music streaming on the internet from SONICA and play jingle, publicity, etc …, present on the computer when the SONICA director is given the command; This is a tremendous opportunity that will allow you to have a single streaming channel and endless receiving points that can have their own mark of identification. When importing a jingle or a spot in SONICA you will be asked which SINTONET will play and SONICA will automatically transfer the audio files to the indicated SINTONET. In fact every SINTONET when installed will have its own identification code.

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