SonicaSMS – SMS management SONICASMS can handle up to 4 GSM modems at the same time. The software works with almost all GSM modem models on the market; The important thing is that the modem has its own memory and that it accepts the following AT command: AT + CMGF = 0. The USB keys used […]


Call In – Archive receiving calls This program is installed in the answering machine or where the calls are received, then installed on a computer in the Director and / or on a computer that is visible from the Speaker or Speaker Room. The answering machine receives calls that should eventually be aired and the data […]


Emergency system in case of lack of Internet audio stream Remote control by SONICA direct; Transferring files to play (jingle, disks, advertising, news etc …) from SONICA to SINTONET Audio processor and equalizer Retransmission of what is being played on the internet to always check the correct functioning In the event of an emergency, it […]


Configure each recording room Set up news creation every day Speaker Configuration. Configure personalized initials and greetings Count down for live broadcasting or for recording or for both Manual input of audio inputs Automatic news packing system with personalized inscriptions and greetings for infinite users Audio editing With this system you will never have a […]


IPER – IP Audio Transmission The link is point-to-point Configurable audio format Full-duplex system can be transmitted and received simultaneously It also works with ADSL connection with USB stick via UMTS or HDSPA It has a database that retains any configuration to display or reuse later Real-time “buffering” calibration to minimize delay Chat; Sending and receiving […]


CHRONOMIKE – Speakers Chronometer This software timers and shows the speaker the time of his speech speech. It is activated automatically when the cursor on the mixer is raised (our external hardware board to connect to LAN). Shows the duration of the three previous steps.


MEMO24 – No stop recorder via Line in or streaming Radio Record 5-minute, 60-minute consecutive audio file for 5 audio sources or 5 streaming Radio, simultaneously. File splitting is useful, for example, to open them with an editor; In fact it would be unthinkable to edit a very large file, and then for a security so […]


Sonicast – Multi encoder, mutli radio, multi stream Unlimited contemporary internet broadcasts through Shoutcast1 and 2, Icecast or Windows Media Server WMA, MPG and AAC audio formats Audio processor for each stream Processor can also be activated only on splitt Linked to the Sonica director can split publicity and news Push option; The stream is connected directly […]


MultiperTX – FM repeater link via TCP-IP Double model.   Four model. TCP-IP Transmitter (for those who use SONICA Radio Automation also control splitting areas). Audio processor for split channel. Up to 4 contemporary broadcasts in real time. This product was created to connect FM repeaters that can be accessed via ADSL or to connect […]