Call In –¬†Archive receiving calls

This program is installed in the answering machine or where the calls are received, then installed on a computer in the Director and / or on a computer that is visible from the Speaker or Speaker Room.

The answering machine receives calls that should eventually be aired and the data of the called party are inserted into a card.

The board will be displayed immediately in both Director and Speaker Hall.
The list of callers who are currently on the list is displayed in Director.
The “IBRID” column indicates which channel of the mixer is available the call audio.
Once the call is closed, the call can be deleted from the list.

In the Speaker Room you can change the order of the calls to be sent.
The list is immediately updated in Regia.
In each screen you can check who is connected to “CALLIN”. The LED indicates green or red status.

A convenient “CHAT” allows you to communicate with each station.

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