Full-duplex full-duplex connection for real-time external directing and remote control of SONICA direct It is installed on the On Air computer and on a PC for direct outdoor use. The photo above shows the program screen on the broadcast PC. You must configure the sound cards to indicate where to receive the external audio and […]


Sintoplay is a mini director that runs music and jingles. Archiving and programming of advertising, news, headlines, audio events. It can receive a radio signal via internet and at programmed time it blur the radio and broadcast the scheduled audio event; It can also play from a line in. If the audio stream is interrupted, […]


Digital mixer that can also receive live streams on each channel; streams transmitted by other Chronomix installed on undefined remote PCs, or it can simply play a microphone connected to the PC sound card or any other sound source. You can insert an image and a quick recognition text of the channel. If necessary, it […]


SONICA is a digital automatic director based entirely on a personal computer network (broadcasting, unlimited servers and clients) with Windows operating systems that can be adapted to any need of emission, post-production, etc. at any time. You can manage an unlimited number of radio stations simultaneously, utilizing common audio archives linked to independent data archives. […]